His Axe Hit Honeycomb

by Peter L Taylor

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Nick, a high-flying economist, is at a conference far from home. He's tempted by a casino and makes a fortune playing blackjack. The casino security is alerted. They unkindly terminate his winning streak, and he's hospitalised. Nick’s injuries begin to heal, but his wife's don't and she leaves. Lonely and one night carelessly drunk, he miscalculates and supplies the chancellor with budget figures so risible they topple the government. Then, pursued by the press, he flees by train across Europe, on a whim stopping in Slovenia – home of white horses and wild honey. He is pick-pocketed and, needing help, is met by kindness. A 'butler' likes the look of him and invites him into a large country house. There he meets 'JK', the mysterious compassionate owner who in need of income has made the house available to a film company. She allows him to stay. Her stunning Latvian, yoga-loving au pair awakens him to art and poetry and he helps them all prepare the house for its transformation into a film set, a process that leads to encounters with a host of visiting characters, for Nick revolutionary change for others carnage and another a joyous pregnancy.

A romantic comedy exploring the effects of what theologians call ‘the fall’ – the shock of nakedness – and its aftermath: a redemptive homecoming. It is in some ways counter-cultural. It contains an undercurrent of orthodox belief and raises questions that some will find fascinating, some ridiculous, others provocative and a few alarming. The novel is diffused throughout with humour and a joyous sense of wonder at the gift of creation, undergirded by the theme of how we care for it and each other responsibly.

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